For more than 20 years, Comfy Moda Boots Canada designers and product managers have been on the lookout for innovative materials and manufacturing processes. The products offered our customers must meet the company's quality standards and sell at the best possible price. 
The characteristics of Comfy Moda, varying by design (see the icons for each model): 

Waterproof Construction

For a product to bear the Comfy Moda "Waterproof" tag, it must meet quality standards.
All construction materials are waterproof. 
A waterproof layer is sewn inside the boot to keep feet dry. The layer is manufactured in the shape of shoe, and tape is applied to its seams with waterproof glue for sealing that prevents any infiltration of water. 
Each waterproof layer is tested before being used in the manufacturing of boots. Throughout the production chain, pairs of boots are sampled at random to be tested in the laboratory for their waterproof sealing. 
The quality standard of Comfy Moda are among the highest in the footwear industry.



Genuine Rubber outsole

Genuine Rubber is obtained by processing the latex naturally secreted by certain plants like the para rubber plant and guayule. In addition to being a good environmental choice, a genuine Rubber outsole ensures better boot traction (traction control grip) on ice and better insulation on a brisk winter's day.
Unlike synthetic rubber, natural rubber retains its flexibility (Flex Zone) and suppleness even at low temperatures.

Comfy Warmex™

  • Comfy Warmex™ insoles are removable, cushioned and 3-layer thermal insole, which enhances comfort of footwear.
  • The fleece layer retains warmth. The aluminum middle layer isolates your feet from the cold and wetness. Bottom layer of foam provides thermal insulation, capable of maintaining a constant temperature inside the boots.

Heart (Memory Foam)

Any Comfy Moda boots that have the cute heart gift chain tag must have an surprise - extra pair of insole made of memory foam.
It is designed to provide arch support and to absorb heel shock. It also helps improve the stability of the boots.

3M Thinsulate™ Insulation 200g

If a boot bears the Thinsulate label, its insulating properties are guaranteed to exceptional. Thinsulate is a unique microfibre developed by 3M to allow humidity to escape but body heat to stay.

Leather Upper

A leather upper allows good evaporation, so avoiding accumulations of fungus. A shoe that is stronger and more durable while remaining light and flexible